This is something about me?

As you can likely guess, my name is Ian McCall, and I live and work in the Chicago area. I currently work as a web developer for a company called Brandify, though my official title is "Development Manager". At work I mostly use JavaScript (both Node.js and browser) and Perl. I have worked a lot on the different integrations with Google APIs (mostly the Google Maps API) and other APIs. I've also worked professionally with Storm and Kafka.

I have experience in many languages (Ruby, Python, Perl, Java, etc...), but my language of choice is JavaScript. I really do have more fun coding in JavaScript than in any other language. And now, with the rise of Node.js, JavaScript has a legitimacy and respectability that it hasn't had before. My favorite parts about JavaScript also tend to be the things people complain about most. Like how it is inherently asynchronous and the way it treats value types.

If you want to get in contact with me, you can try emailing me ([email protected]) or connect with me on LinkedIn (in/ianmccallcodes)